Corruption Local Effects (2d6 table)

 Local Effects within the Sunken Grave (2d6)

  • 2. A piece of your skin slips off your bones and muscle and viscera, revealing all below it. You decide where.
  • 3. You have a faint, greenish glow surrounding you. 
  • 4. You begin to smell like the decay of the long dead. The stench surround you.
  • 5. The skin on your face begins to take on a translucent palour, revealing veins, arteries and bone.
  • 6. Blood vessels in your eye begin to burst, giving you a permanent look of stress and anger.
  • 7. Your fingernails have begun to grow, visible if you watch them. It seems hasty.
  • 8. Your skin has begun to dry out, cracking painfully around your lips and on your hands and joints.
  • 9. You have begun to sweat excessively from your pores, becoming clammy and wet. 
  • 10. Your vision begins to blur, seeing strange shapes in the shadows of rooms.
  • 11. Your teeth begin chattering loudly and incessantly.
  • 12. A tooth in your mouth falls out onto the ground. The others seem dangerously loose.


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