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Collaborative Worldbuilding Part 2: Managing Setting Tone in Wide Open Faction Creation

After my last post on collaborative worldbuilding and faction making with your players, Seed of Worlds asked me to share more about how I managed the tone of the setting and enforced the guard-rails on wide open faction creation and to speak a bit about the process and how the players reacted. Recap: My Steps for Collaborative World Building Create a basic tone, rating for the campaign  Identify roles that each players wants to play (Spelljammer has ship roles but I feel like you could do this in a non-ship based game like "Face", "Tank" "Silent Warrior" "DPS" whatever language works for you).  Each player came up with a character based on that concept and the type of group/faction they might belong to. This could be as small as a clan or as big as a religion or royal dynasty. This is where the GM sets guard rails most. If you have strong feelings about factions you should be clear about what level of faction they can make re: size/influence.  M

Collaborative world building for your table: Factions

This is how I built my Spelljammer homebrew setting factions with my players (and how you can do it too!) Tone, Themes, Concept, Content Rating  I reviewed the original concepts from the Spelljammer 2E books and spent a good amount of time thinking about the tone and themes I wanted to explore in my magic spaceship game. My original pitch for the game was: Setting:  Space. The Final Frontier with Giant Magic Sail Boats Tone PG-13 for gross OSR monster violence, no sexual content fade to black.  Lighthearted, humorous but with serious stakes external to you that you get pulled into unfortunately. Themes:  Exploring unknown space and getting in over your head and over your pay grade  The power of friendship  Light is not Good, Dark is not Evil. Galactic Conflict plus Existential Threats Everyone is a Mess™️ but it’s funny AND somewhat lighthearted Mass Effect style loyalty quests The Astral Sea is a Harsh Mistress/Space is Dangerous and Anything Can Be Out There The future as imagined in