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where i'm coming from

Starting a blog in 2021 feels funny to me but I find the OSR and story game movements very inspiring and I want to contribute to the ways that people create games.  I've been a tabletop game player for a long time, starting with the AD&D boxed set when I was kid, 3e-5e, Powered by the Apocalypse, Micro Rpgs, FFG Star Wars among others.  I feel committed to building tabletop experiences where players have agency in worldbuilding and world building is done collaboratively, grounded in my experience in devised theater  and other collaborative art forms.  I see this as a place where I can report back on games I'm running, share things I'm creating as GM aids, and talk about games. I'm a relatively new GM and see this as a way to talk about my GMing journey. Things I'm reading about Hex Flower Cookbooks   Exploration, both urban and in the wilderness Things I'm working on I'm trying to build a town builder play aid based on a less grim idea of the urban than